Among the huge variety of modifiers, stabilizers and texturizers in the market, our citrus fibre is one of the most attractive solutions, not only for being clean label, but also for the high water absorption capacity and the easiness to work with. Reducing fat or egg in pastries, increasing the resistance of fragile products as crackers or cookies, avoiding crystal formation or stickiness in frozen doughs or improving the texture of challenging gluten free breads is a reality thanks to our citrus fibre.

In addition, nature-based products for heat stable and smooth bakery creams or heat reversible and spreadable glazes are available and tailored for each manufacturer requirement.

For industrial baking tailormade emulsifiers help the dough resisting the big stress exerted by the machinery. Also, it helps keep the dough as standardized as possible, in order to permit a continuous process. The shelf-life is prolonged, and the finished products have a minimum variation in terms of shape, color and taste.

Along with cleaner labeling, emulsifiers also helps the products provide volume increase, homogeneous dispersion of the gas bubbles and dispersion of the starch granules, they facilitate the hydration of proteins and increase the workability of the dough, the rheological properties and the quality of the finished product. This in turn helps reduce mixing time and guarantee a homogenous dispersion. The crumb structure of bread and cakes is kept regular.

The use of cake gels and hydrated emulsifiers allows the manufacturers of sponge cakes, swiss rolls, pound cakes, etc. to reduce the eggs content in the recipe, which reduces cost, mix all the ingredients simultaneously, in the so-called ALL-IN PROCESS. This also helps reduce the mixing time, maximize and homogenize the air incorporation and stabilize the batter, obtaining more spongy and bigger products.