Dairy industry includes a vast and diverse group of applications such as cheese, UHT drinks, desserts or ice cream.

Each single category requires a particular process to manufacture, and needs a specific formulation. Using the right stabilizers is crucial to achieve the right texture and functionality: stability, mouthfeel, and viscosity.

Sustainable source of raw material, carrageenans are extracted from a particular species of seaweeds, wild or cultivated. Its unique synergy with milk proteins makes this stabilizer very efficient at low dosage and particularly well adapted to traditional dairy formulations, but also to plant-based protein recipes.

Different tools for different jobs, our texture and stabilizer tool-box ranges from carrageenan to pectins, from clarified LBG to Alginate, a wide range of functional fibres or mixes of all beforementioned raw materials.

Versatile and cost effective, it allows to produce a wild variety of texture, with a good control and competitive cost-in-use.